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Who am I?

Samiux is a CyberSecurity Enthusiast. He has been OSCE, OSCP and OSWP since 2012. He is a blogger and running this personal website. He builds things and also breaks things. When in spare time, he will do some programming and reading. He is very enjoy in his penetration testing lab. However, he know nothing about cyber security!

His slogan are :

While you do not know attack, how can you know about defense? (未知攻,焉知防?)

Think like a criminal and act as professional

Not only try harder but also try smarter!

He has some active projects about CyberSecurity, they are :

Some of his projects are now inactive, they are :

Forked from others :

His skills are :

He can be reached at :


The following certificates are issued by Offensive Security

Offensive Security - Try Harder! with song

Hack The Box

Ranking (Points will be removed when boxes are retired. Process to next rank will be decreased. However, rank will be remained unchange.)

Noob (0%) -> Script Kiddie (5%) -> Hacker (20%) -> Pro Hacker (45%) -> Elite Hacker (70%) -> Guru (90%) -> Omniscient (100%)

Hack The Box Member on Nov 1, 2018 but not active since the end of the year of 2018. His current rank is Hacker. Account name is samiux.

Participants are not allowed to release any writeup or spoiler to the public when the boxes are not retired and they are still active.

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Home Projects Articles Apophthegm About