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Longjing 龙井 - Deep Learning Driven Web Application Firewall


Longjing is Chinese green tea with a lot of antioxiants which can prevent you from getting cancer. Longjing Web Application Firewall (WAF) is deep learning driven by Python Scikit-Learn Library. It is not designed for very high performance. However, it is ideal for personal to small business web sites.

Longjing WAF is designed for any web server and any web application to block malicious web traffic, such as SQL Injection.

Longjing WAF is easy to install and deploy on modern Linux systems. The higher performance of the CPU, the higher efficiency of the Longjing WAF.

Longjing is the next generation Web Application Firewall! Fetch and try!



Longjing WAF’s training data and modelling code are not open sourced. However, the running python code and model built are open sourced, which is released under GPLv3 by Samiux.



Version 0.7.3

Release date : 2018-02-09 GMT+8
[+] First release

Version 0.7.4

Release date : 2018-02-13 GMT+8
[+] Model tuning

Version 0.7.5

Release date : 2018-02-24 GMT+8
[+] Code clean up
[+] Add installer script
[+] For mitmproxy 2.0.2

Version 0.8.0

Release date : 2018-02-26 GMT+8
[+] Update for mitmproxy 3.0.3

Version 0.9.0

Release date : 2018-03-19 GMT+8
[+] Modified for deep learning

Version 0.9.1

Release date : 2018-03-20 GMT+8
[+] Performance tuning

Version 0.10.0

Release date : 2018-03-30 GMT+8
[+] Performance tuning
[+] Rebuild modelling
[+] Rebuild training data

Version 0.10.1

Release date : 2018-04-04 GMT+8
[+] Minor fix
[+] Minor improvement

Version 0.10.2

Release date : 2018-04-09 GMT+8
[+] Minor improvement

Version 0.10.3

Release date : 2018-05-24 GMT+8
[+] Modified for mitmproxy 4.0.1

Version 0.10.4

Release date : 2018-10-21 GMT+8
[+] Update training data

Version 0.10.5 [Stable, Latest]

Release date : 2019-03-04 GMT+8
[+] Some improvement
[+] Changed for Anaconda3 5.3.1


Install Anaconda

sudo apt install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python3-dev


chmod +x

sudo -sH


anaconda3 is default to install at /root/anaconda3 and then answer “yes” to allow “conda” to initialize and change the .bashrc of root.

source /root/.bashrc

Update Anaconda

sudo -sH

conda update --prefix /root/anaconda3 anaconda

conda update -n base conda

Install mitmproxy

sudo -sH

conda install pip

pip install mitmproxy

Exit to normal user by entering exit

Update mitmproxy

sudo -sH

cd /root/anaconda3

pip install mitmproxy --upgrade

Install Longjing

sudo apt install git

git clone

cd longjing

nano config.conf

where :

Please read mitmproxy “about certificate” documents for details - Using a custom certificate

sudo ./

Finally, make sure to copy index.html to the web application root directory.


sudo systemctl restart longjing.service



sha256sum 116c66c8cb18b0cb280df0fc52425b250b17e231975f6dce50cc04fbcbbb5612 presentation-longjing.pdf

Download : presentation-longing.pdf

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

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