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Ventoy - A New Bootable USB Solution on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Ventoy is a new bootable USB solution project. It is an open source project and it is developed by a group of Chinese developers.

Download the desired package file (such as ventoy-1.0.93-linux.tar.gz) and extracted it. Insert USB drive and double click on VentoyGUI.x86_64, double check if the USB drive is correct or not. You can select MBR or GPT for the USB drive and it is also support Secure Boot. Click on Install and the Ventoy will be installed on the USB drive accordingly. If you have making any change at the menu items, you can select Update to update the Ventoy on the USB drive without harm.

After that, copy the desired ISO files (as many as ISO files that the USB drive can contained) onto the Ventory USB drive. You are ready to boot from Ventoy USB drive and select desired ISO files to install onto the computers or laptops.

My 16GB Ventoy USB drive contains Kali Linux, OpenKylin, Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server ISO files. You can select any ISO file on the Ventoy USB drive to install.


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