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Linux Kernel Runtime Guard (LKRG) Install Script

Linux Kernel Runtime Guard (LKRG) is developed by Openwall team. LKRG can prevent and/or detect the Linux kernelspace exploit. However, the userspace exploit cannot be detected or prevented, such as DirtyC0W exploit even it uses the kernel for the exploit.

Be keep in mind that LKRG may be/can be bypassed like other programs.

These scripts can install/uninstall LKRG on Ubuntu Linux (or debain based) with ease. It uses DKMS that it will be recompiled automatically when new Linux kernel is installed.

These scripts are released under GPLv3 License by Samiux and it is free of charge.

The current scripts are for LKRG version 0.9.1.

Download LKRG

sudo apt install git
git clone
cd lkrg

Install LKRG

sudo chmod +x lkrg-0.9.1-install
sudo ./lkrg-0.9.1-install

Uninstall LKRG

sudo chmod +x lkrg-0.9.1-uninstall
sudo ./lkrg-0.9.1-uninstall


sudo systemctl stop lkrg

Start or Restart LKRG

sudo systemctl start lkrg

sudo systemctl restart lkrg

Status of LKRG

sudo sysctl -a | grep lkrg

dmesg | grep lkrg

Known Issues


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