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Garland 茼蒿 - Intrusion Detection and Prevention System 防御入侵系统

As technology advances, so do cybersecurity threats, which can leave individuals and small businesses vulnerable to cybercrime. Public-facing networks and computers are highly susceptible to daily hacker attacks from around the world. In response to this need, the Garland Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) was developed as a highly efficient and ultra-low latency security solution.

One of the most significant benefits of Garland is its user-friendly design, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise in Network Security Monitoring (NSM) or Information Security (InfoSec). This “Plug, Play and Forget” system efficiently eliminates the need for any complex configurations or maintenance. Also, Garland is making it an affordable and ideal solution for home and small office/home office (SOHO) setups.

Garland’s creator is an experienced white hat hacker, so the cybersecurity solution’s design effectively detects and prevents sophisticated cyber threats. The Garland Intrusion Detection and Prevention System utilizes the malicious hacker’s inside knowledge of current and potential malicious hacker tactics. And it provides complete transparency and is hassle-free for users.

Protecting digital assets should be a priority, and Garland Intrusion Detection and Prevention System meets this need. With this reliable and easy-to-use cybersecurity solution, individuals and small office/home office businesses can feel secure knowing that their digital assets are protected, and their data is secured against cyberattacks.

In summary, Garland Intrusion Detection and Prevention System is an effective, user-friendly, and accessible cybersecurity solution that can cater to the varying security needs of individuals and small office/home office businesses.









FriendlyElec NanoPi R5S


The following is the recommended connection method of Garland. However, you can connect it behind router too.


            (LAN1)             (LAN2 to Router's WAN)          (Router's LAN)          
   Modem ----------- Garland ----------------------- Router ----------------- PCs & Laptops
                          |                           (WIFI)                      
                          |                             | (Router's LAN)                   
                              (WAN to Router's LAN)
                                                                                +------- Laptops
            (LAN1)           (LAN2 to Router's WAN)     (Switch's LAN)          |
   Modem ----------- Garland ------------------ Router -------- Switch ---------+
                          |                      (WIFI)             |           |
                          |                                         |           |
                          +-----------------------------------------+           +------- PCs
                                   (WAN to Switch's LAN)

            (LAN1)          (LAN2 to WIFI AP's WAN)               
Modem with ----------- Garland ---------------- WIFI AP -------------------- PCs & Laptops
WIFI Router (unused)      |                        |                
                          |                        |               
                            (WAN to WIFI AP's LAN)

                                                                    +------- WIFI AP
            (LAN1)          (LAN2 to Switch's Port #1)              |
Modem with ----------- Garland ---------------- Switch -------------+
WIFI Router (unused)      |                        |                |
                          |                        |                |
                          +------------------------+                +------- PCs & Laptops
                            (WAN to Switch's LAN)

                                                                    +------- WIFI AP
            (LAN1)          (LAN2 to Switch's Port #1)              |
5G Modem ----------- Garland ------------------ Switch -------------+
WIFI Router (unused)      |                        |                |
                          |                        |                |
                          +------------------------+                +------- PCs & Laptops
                            (WAN to Switch's LAN)

Do NOT use the wifi that comes with 5G modem or modem with WIFI router as the traffic flow will NOT be protected by Garland.

不要使用 5G 调解器或调解器有无线网络功能的无线网络,因为其无线网络不受「茼蒿」的保护。


When will the rules are updated?


Between 0600 and 0630 hours every day, Garland will do the housekeeping and updating. The defending work of Garland may be interrupted during this period.

non 24/7

Garland can be turned off and it is not required to operate 24/7. The update will be carried out within half an hour when the Garland is booting up. It is advised NOT to turn off the Garland between 0600 and 0630 hours as it will do the update automatically. If you do so, you may break the Garland. Meanwhile, if you turn off the Garland within half an hour of the booting up, you may also break the system too.

How many detecting / blocking rules in Garland?

There are over 34,000 rules in Garland and they are all free of charge. The number of rules are increasing.

Can Garland decrypt the SSL/TLS traffic?

Garland cannot decrypt the SSL/TLS traffic well. However, it can handle a limited SSL/TLS traffic flow. Therefore, it is not ideal for using it as Web Application Firewall (WAF). For example, Garland can detect and drop self signed SSL/TLS certificate traffic and etc.

Do I also need anti-virus on my computer or laptop?

Yes, anti-virus is required. You are also advised to install the following add-ons or extensions for your browser such as Firefox or Chrome in order to increase the security for surfing the internet.




每日的凌晨 0600 至 0630 时更新和维护,其间有可能对防御入侵系统的运作有些少影响。


每当启动后的半小时内其会自行更新维护,所以不要在其间或在 0600 至 0630 时其间内关闭防御入侵系统,因为有可能会损坏防御入侵系统。


所有规则都是免费的,已经超过 3 万 4 千多条,而且亦每日在增加中。


不能。但她能够识别及阻挡自签 SSL/TLS 证书的流量等。


需要。除此之外,我更建议在「火狐」或 Chrome 浏览器安装以下附加组件,使得上网时更安全。


Public Secure DNS will encrypt the DNS query that will affect the ability of blocking of IDPS, those secure DNS cannot be used, such as




System price : Contact Samiux (NOT including delivery)

Copyright (c) 2023 Samiux


系统售价 :联络 Samiux (不包括邮费)

版欋 (c) 2023 Samiux


Discord samiux @samiux (#3445)


Discord samiux @samiux (#3445)



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