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Yet Another Cyber Defender

Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB) of Hong Kong Police Force set up a website mainly for aganist cyber crimes - Cyber Defender (守网者) which has a search engine (at the top of the main page on the site) for searching suspicious websites and suspicious email addresses. Meanwhile, there are a lot of videos and articles about the information of cyber crimes in Hong Kong.

However, the weakness of the search engine is that the database of the suspicious websites and email addresses are provided by public or by the sponsors. Some malicious websites or malicious files cannot be detected or included.

Another well known website - Virustotal that can search suspicious links (websites) and files against over 90 anti-virus programs in the market at one stop in order to identify the status of the websites and files.

Virustotal will share all the positive results with all the public secure/encrypted DNSes and anti-virus programs in the market. It is recommended to use this site often in order to improve the detection rate of the secure/encrypted DNSes and anti-virus programs.

Happy surfing! Malware free anywhere!

Feburary 2, 2022, Hong Kong, China

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