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Basic Pentesting : 2

Capture the Flag : Basic Pentesting : 2
Difficulty : Beginner

Basic Pentesting : 2 is a boot2root VM and is a continuation of the Basic Pentesting series by Josiah Pierce. This series is designed to help newcomers to penetration testing and to develop pentesting skills. Have fun exploring part of the offensive side of security.

The file format is OVF and can be imported to VirtualBox without problem. It also works flawlessly with NAT Network interface. The IP address can be obtained by DHCP.

It can be downloaded from VulnHub

sha256sum a3a08505e35c9fa1f48fde5e13f23a62c320b3fd8f7c0a74e5cb08b11a927be9  CTF-BasicPentestingv2.pdf

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